Global Education (GE)

Mission Statement

Globalization is transforming the life of humankind and the face of society.
Individuals, too, are inevitably becoming “world citizens” — and they need the
ethical values, broad vision and civic skills to build a global future
that is sustainable, coherent and enriching.

Global Education offers moral, intellectual and practical tools
to view this reality in a comprehensive & coherent manner:
In the middle of all the confusion, a broad vision takes shape —
a world which, in all its craziness, starts to look comprehensible.

While the world is in growing crises, yet also worldwide solidarity is growing.
Both constructive and destructive forces are thus simultaneously at play —
an historic turning-point: both breakdown and breakthrough are possible.
Slowly & painfully we are learning a simple truth: that, in the last analysis,
this, our Earth, is one country, and mankind, as a whole, are its citizens!

Beyond educational topics, Global Education reflects broadly on
society, ethics, politics, history, philosophy and other foundational fields.
It offers students holistic vision, critical knowledge & applied skills —
empowering to contribute to positive transformation in the society,
by becoming and by educating responsible & proactive world citizens.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Lapland
offers studies in Global Education as a minor subject —
not only for teacher trainees but for students from all faculties.

Introductory video (English/Finnish)

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