Global Education (GE)

Mission Statement

The phenomenon of globalization is transforming the society:
it is possible that what we call "society" is, itself, becoming global;
in which case its "citizens", too, would become world citizens. Such
citizens need a set of ethical values and civic skills that contribute
towards a sustainable and inclusive global future.

Despite persisting worldwide confusion, the spirit of global solidarity
has been reaching the consciousness of increasing multitudes.
It is an evidence of the force of unity: the fact that, in the last analysis,
this, our Earth, is really one country,
and mankind, as a whole, its citizens

Global Education aims at empowering world citizens to
contribute to positive transformations in the society,
acknowledging that we live in a critical point of history,
a turning-point in human evolution.

As an academic discipline, Global Education harnesses
the praxis & theory of education to build human capacity
for (1) the fostering of inclusive world citizenship, and
for (2) the advancement of sustainable globalization.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Lapland offers studies in
Global Education for teacher trainees, teachers and other educators
so that they can apply education as a change agent in their work
for positive social transformation.

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